The Azienda Agricola Guzzetti [Guzzetti Agricultural Company]

Operates in the mass retail sector and produces, processes and markets horticultural products, with the intent to provide its clients with top quality vegetables supplied for a longer period of time throughout the year.

The company structure base is located in Capitanata, south of Foggia, an area that has always been highly agricultural.

The cultivated areas are located mainly in the vicinity of the processing warehouse, thereby enabling to reduce the time between the harvest, processing and subsequent refrigeration of the horticultural products. Other points of production sites are the area of Lesina (Fg), Andria (Ba) and Fasano (Br), for the production of cold-sensitive crops.

The production cycle begins with a thorough careful harvest of vegetables in the field, which are processed within a few hours once they reached the processing centre. The company has skilfully combined tradition with modern technological innovations making use of continuous research and experimentation. Compliance with all quality and food safety and hygiene standards is ensured through continuous internal monitoring of all production stages and continuing assistance by external laboratories.

The Azienda Agricola Guzzetti applies a production system that follows the specifications of the so called integrated production. An accurate plan of crop rotation, a sensible choice of varieties resistant to major diseases, the use of plant protection products with a low impact on humans and the environment, the choice of different methods of defence, are the best way to adopt a low impact management of the production process impact management. Particular attention is reserved also to water and energy savings.

The Company has lines for processing, washing, sizing and packaging fruit and vegetables, and thus able to respond in real time to all market demands.

Guzzetti Gianpaolo e Stefano s.s.a.

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Production site

Borgo Incoronata, Contrada Spartivento, Pod. 871
71122 FOGGIA
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