Guzzetti Agricultural Company

The Azienda Agricola Guzzetti was created in Piero della Francesca, a few steps from the Arco della Pace.
The great-grandparents Carlo and Adelaide cultivated lettuce, tomatoes and onions in the centre of Milan, in an area called the 'borgo di scigulat' [borough of onion growers].

The growth of the city soon forced them to move to the countryside. The new land was found in via Triboniano, then at the time the far north-western outskirts of the city. But even here the factories were pressing on the Company's borders. Eugenio, one of Carlo's five children, decided to move even further outwards.

Attestato Guzzetti FratelliThe choice fell on Baranzate, a small, scarcely inhabited village. The decision to move there was based on the availability of water, was abundant, through fountains and springs, which was the decisive factor. It was 1918. During the difficult post-war period, Eugenio and his wife Francesca carried their horticultural products produce to the Ortomercato [Milan fruit and vegetable central market] using horses and a mule, soon replaced by a Fiat truck, a war surplus of the 15-18 conflict.

The first tractor was a bright green Balilla with red rims. Only after 1930a Lancia Pentajota truck arrived.

It was the beginning of a modernization process, continued by the sons Carlo and Dante, who has always envisaged the Azienda Agricola Guzzetti in the forefront in introducing new products that the sector offered.
Meanwhile, the Company grew and became one of the most important in the Milan area.

In 1966, given the determination and the desire to improve continually, combined with entrepreneurial skills, the Guzzetti brothers launched a new enterprise firm on the plains of Puglia with the intent to extend the harvest period in order to have production throughout the year.

Today the Guzzetti Company is a leader in the production of leafy vegetables and asparagus, led by Carlo's son, Gianpaolo, and Dante's son, Stefano, with new energies that follow the path laid out by the founders.

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